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Blackshark Protection Services is a SHEQ ISO Certified integrated security solutions provider and industry pace-setter in protection innovation. Excellence in service delivery and implementation are fundamental to our impressive track record. Blackshark Protection Services remain a pace-setter in the protection services industry and shall continue to lead the way for a safer and protected Zimbabwe through our bouquet of services and related products.

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Phone: +263 24 2621 382-4
Address: 34B Douglas Rd, Workington, Harare, ZW
Blackshark Protection Services Managing Director - Mr Epmark Tome
+263 24 2621 382-4

Blackshark commemorates the World Health and Safety Day

In 2017, 65 people died in work related injuries and 5007 were injured. As of today, 6 workers have already died and 434 have been involved in work related accidents since the beginning of the year. These alarming statistics indicate the depth of the problem still faced in Zimbabwe on safety and health at the work place. BLACKSHARK, at its conception, had amongst one of its goals, to provide a safe working environment for its employees and where they are posted to deliver security services, hence the ISO Certification to all the three standard of Quality, Environment Management and Occupational Health & Safety to a fully integrated SHEQ Management System.

On the 11th of May, BLACKSHARK joined NSSA and Zimbabwe in commemorating the World Health and Safety Day. The theme for the year was “Vision Zero: Safety, Health and Well-being”.

As a security services provider and working at sites across industrial sectors, the goal to reduce the number of work place accidents is embedded BLACKSHARK’s our ethos. Whilst protecting client’s assets it also becomes the mandate of the Protection Assistants to identify areas that pose a risk to the safety of the Client’s employees, and any environmental threats. “Our PAs are trained to identify risks in security, health, safety and environment. They are also taught to recommend ways to mitigate these risks. The risks and recommendations are shared with our clients for mitigation strategies. This is one way we value-add our services to our customers. In this day, it not enough to just have security guards that are only gate keepers. As Security services providers we need to give more value to our clients and that is what BLACKSHARK does by being that additional eye looking out for safety and health risks’, remarked Mr Trevor Jakachira, BLACKSHARK’S Business Development Director.

NSSA’s objective is to reduce the number of accidents reported per enterprise by more than 20% per year and BLACKSHARK is committed to play its part in contributing to that reduction.

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