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Who we are

Blackshark Protection Services is a SHEQ ISO Certified integrated security solutions provider and industry pace-setter in protection innovation. Excellence in service delivery and implementation are fundamental to our impressive track record. Blackshark Protection Services remain a pace-setter in the protection services industry and shall continue to lead the way for a safer and protected Zimbabwe through our bouquet of services and related products.

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Phone: +263 24 2621 382-4
Address: 34B Douglas Rd, Workington, Harare, ZW
Blackshark Protection Services Managing Director - Mr Epmark Tome
+263 24 2621 382-4

Educating our employees

Committed to Excellence

We are a learning organization, hence we value staff training and development. In today’s economic environment which is ever changing, our people need to be aligned in order to deliver our services to the satisfaction of our customers. With an in-house training department whose mandate is to develop our people in line with our corporate culture and requirements of our clients, developing our people is one of key our strategic initiatives.

Blackshark provides ongoing professional development to keep skills sharp through clear training paths. To maintain training standards, we keep a record of completed training modules in each officer’s file.

Blackshark seeks to equip and train employees through learner-ships, external workshops and internal development programs at all levels. Training ensures that we undertake our responsibility to have ANYTHING| ANYWHERE | PROTECTED.

More About Blackshark

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